About Us

Mission Statement

Remnica House seeks to provide a safe, peaceful environment for children and adults affected by domestic violence while utilizing community partnerships in an effort to foster healthy and respectful parent/child relationships through supervised visit and safe exchange services.


What is Remnica House?

A supervised visitation and safe exchange center for families that are experiencing domestic violence.


The Name “Remnica”

The Remnica was a steamboat that operated on the Mississippi River between Aitkin and Grand Rapids, Minnesota in 1903. Steamboats in the area were a means of transportation as well as delivered food, goods and resources for pioneering families and immigrants of varied nationalities that settled in this area. The Remnica was named after the Finnish goddess of spring.

Just as the Remnica served a diverse population for a short period of time, Remnica House is available to people from all backgrounds, circumstances and cultures who may benefit from our services to help them transition through this period in their lives.


Remnica House is a program of Advocates Against Domestic Abuse.
It is funded by a grant received by Aitkin County.
The grant is from the United States Department of Justice,
Office on Violence Against Women (OVW) as part of its Justice for Families Grant Program.

111 Second St NW, Aitkin, MN

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