What We Do


Supervised Visitation

Group Visits

Remnica House provides supervised visits. A minimum of two staff persons will be present during the visit. Group might be conducted depending on the individual circumstances of each family.

Group visits happen for two reasons: 1) Abuse often happens in private. Bringing the visits into the community encourages openness and candor; and 2) When parents see that others are using the services, they are less likely to feel singled out in their situation.

One-to-One Supervision

One-to-one supervision is provided when close contact with the parent is required to keep the child(ren) safe. The staff will directly observe the interaction and the conversation of the parent/child at all times. Although staff may make suggestions for activities they will not directly participate in the visit.

Supportive Supervision

Remnica House practices supportive supervision when that is necessary. The staff may facilitate positive interactions with the families and model positive interactions which could include assisting in getting the parent/child(ren) started in a game, etc. In some circumstances it might be necessary for the staff to participate directly in the visit to assure the children are kept safe.

Safe Exchange

Safe exchanges transfer children from one parent to the other for visits without the parents having any contact with each other. Supervised exchanges eliminate the possibility of children witnessing verbal abuse and/or violence during the exchange process.